49 Seater Coach Hire

49 Seater Coach Hire Warrington

This type of minibus is ideal for medium-sized groups. The Warrington Minibus hire has a 49-53 seater coach for hire, well fitted with comfortable seats, there is ample space for keeping your luggage and entertainment. This is to make our clients enjoy long trips without getting tired. Our Warrington Minibus hire package entails either the Luxury hire or the Standard hire versions. 

Our coaches are ideal for small teams that are engaging in church outings, team building activities or event road trips. Our coach hire is always at your disposal for as long as you wish, may it be for hours, days or even weeks.

 We have professional drivers on our 49 seater coach hire in Warrington that will ensure your experience of timely arrivals at various destinations. This goes hand in hand with ensuring that they observe the traffic rules and our traveling policies. Hire our Warrington Minibus today and enjoy peace of mind as you travel to various destinations of your choice. 

Our buses are well maintained and regularly serviced before being handed over to our customers. The buses are well equipped with modern facilities. For more information on our coach's hiring services, reach out to us today. You can also visit our offices to make early bookings. Make sure you carry the required documents during the booking session and enjoy a comfortable journey within your budget.

The coaches have a stylish interior and exterior, modern and spacious. All our 49 seater coaches are less than six years and go for regular maintenance to keep them in good condition. H


The vehicles are specially designed to enhance comfort during travel with features like reclining seats fitted with folding armrests, adequate storage space, and entertainment facilities. This reclining feature allows travelers to rest during long journeys.

Professional Drivers

Our drivers are licensed and have adequate experience in driving. Warrington Minibus Company ensures that all the drivers are vetted and go through rigorous training before they are allowed to operate minibuses and coaches. The drivers are also very punctual as we encourage them to arrive a few minutes before time to ensure the clients reach their destination on time.


Most people travel with friends and family, and the 49 seater coach hire offers a level of privacy that is often challenging to get when using public transport means. The windows are large and tinted, and curtains are fitted to enhance privacy during night travel.

49 Seater Coach Hire Warrington

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