About Us

Come to Warrington Minibus Hire for a great deal. We are Warrington's premier vehicle hire company. Over the 18 years we have been trading we have built up a loyal customer base. Warrington has lots to offer, such as Warrington Museum and Art Gallery or the nearby Gulliver's Theme Park. We have a modern, air-conditioned fleet of vehicles for you to choose from and we will give you a no-obligation quote.

Our quote includes the services of one of our professional drivers. All our drivers have years of experience and extensive knowledge of the road network.

Minibusses have a different driving approach compared to regular vehicles. A little practice helps one to get acquainted with its features before hiring. Also, since Warrington is a busy town, it can get pretty dangerous when driving if you are not careful. You also need to choose a vehicle you are comfortable in. These tips should help you drive the minibus easily:


• The braking distance is greater hence, the need to leave ample space between you and the vehicle ahead

• Make use of external mirrors when reversing

• The large minibus cabins may present a hazard when driving beneath low-hanging bridges

• The speed limit for minibuses with an overall length of 12 meters on single and dual carriageways should be 50 mph and 60 mph


Use Appropriate Documentation

Ensure you have right documentation when hiring Warrington minibus irrespective of whether you are a foreigner or local. Unlike regular vehicles, minibus rental requires further certifications: