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16 Seater Minibus Hire Warrington

The beauty of the big Cheshire town of Warrington is that it offers an exceptional amount of things to see and do and this is because you can make short trips to Manchester and Liverpool too. Whatever takes your fancy to see there is also excellent accommodation offered in Warrington which provides you with the perfect rest after a thrilling trip in and around the town and further afield. our company offers 16 seater minibus hire to take you around Cheshires tourist attractions and beyond.

Standard, but Still Comfortable and Luxurious

The best hire companies always have a fleet of vehicles with different seating capacities so that your group is catered for. Warrington minibus hire is the perfect choice for smallish groups and a 16 seater standard hire is affordable too without compromising on the quality of your trip. These standard minibusses with 16 seater minibus hire with driver guarantee to get you comfortably and relaxed to your destination as they are air-conditioned, they’ve got seat belts and nice, shiny windows for you to enjoy splendid views.

Warrington is nestled between Liverpool and Manchester cities and is home to the Wolves, a strong Rugby League team. The town has been welcoming visitors for more than 2,000 years since the Roman Empire occupied the place. Today, it has become the busiest town. You will find major shopping brands, including the Golden Square and megastores like the first IKEA located out of town. Warrington's rich history blended with modern living and that of the countryside create lots of places that tourists can explore. Warrington minibus will take you to these places during your visit. Sankey Valley Park

Want to view different species of birds, visit Sankey Valley Park. There are ducks, swans and ducks, among other types of birds. Sankey Valley is located a few miles away from Gulliver's World hence, easy to locate. Nature lovers will also enjoy the calmness and silence in the park. Sankey Valley Park also has a few pieces of sculptures and artwork and a unique BMW course.

Stretton Watermill

This lovely working watermill is at the heart of rural Warrington and is ideal for all age groups. You can tour the mill or have a picnic by the pond in the afternoon. Stretton watermill has temporary exhibitions and events. Warrington minibus professionals recommend checking the website before visiting the place as it opens seasonally.

Warrington Museum and Art Gallery

It was opened in 1857, making it one of the oldest municipal museums in the UK. The museum is home to fascinating collections from around the world ranging from natural history to items of local significance.

Woolston Park

The park is tucked away from the town centre and makes a great way to spend a sunny weekend. Here, you will find small independent stores and street shop. Locals come to hang out here as it makes a lovely reminder of the beautiful English countryside. There are lots of swans and ducks too.

They also come with plenty of luggage space and some come equipped with enhancements such as CD/DVD entertainment. A 16 seater Warrington minibus hire can be hired with or without a dedicated driver, but hiring one with a driver comes with so many advantages, it is the most popular choice.

16 Seater Minibus Hire Warrington

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