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Warrington Minibus

For a stress-free trip around Warrington, hire a minibus, bus, or coach. They are great alternatives compared to trains and small vehicles if you are visiting with friends and family. The beauty of hiring minibusses is that they are available in different capacities. Warrington minibus fleet of cars ranges from 8 seater minibus to 49 seater coach hire  Also, modern minibusses come fitted with state-of-the-art features to enhance comfort during your trip- recliner seats, spacious luggage compartments, adequate legroom, air conditioning, and advanced infotainment and navigation systems. The minibus and coach hire are convenient alternatives for tourists who want to travel in-between cities and different sites around Warrington. The company may offer a guide upon request but if you are planning to drive the minibus on hire, here a few things to consider

Attractions of Warrington

Warrington is a popular tourist attraction in the UK due to its convenient location, i.e., between Liverpool and Manchester. It provides an easy passage to North Wales, Peak District and the Trans-Peinne Trail. Initially, Warrington was a famous crossing point to River Mersey and attracted a large Roman settlement. Archaeological evidence shows that the Bronze Age settlements also resided in Warrington. During that time, Warrington became prominent due to its role as a bridging point to River Mersey and function as a famous market. It led to great urbanization and expansion in the city, which coincided with the great Industrial Revolution. The construction of a navigable bridge at River Mersey in the 18th century further increased industrialization in the region. Later, the larger part of Britain embraced industrialization, which caused Warrington to become a manufacturing town and the centre of textiles, steel, tanning, brewing, and chemical industries. Canals were also constructed, and the navigational structures of River Mersey improved. These early developments cause Warrington to offer a mix of the countryside, a busy town and rich history. Warrington Minibus takes visitors to various spots as they explore this city.

Warrington Museum & Art Gallery

The museum has over 200,000 artifacts and objects that narrate the rich local history of the town. Warrington Museum is located at the heart of the city thus, pretty easy to find. Some of the popular works on display include the Warrington Her stories, which are made up of narratives of 21 women revered for their outstanding achievements while showing compassion to locals in the town. You will also find a clay hand workshop, showcasing sculptures based on observations of different parts of the body like the torso or the hand. Renowned paintings like the Fair Quiet and Sweet Rest are also found here. This particular painting is said to have earned Luke Fildes an entry to into the Royal Academy.

Gulliver's World

If you are visiting with family, then Gulliver's World Park is the place to be. The park is accessible by road, and there is ample parking space. Gulliver's park is a family-themed square, offering a lot of activities for both kids and adults. There are 80 different attractions and specialist areas for various age groups. Visitors can book tickets in advance through its website to avoid congestion during peak days and save on costs.

Clue HQ

This new attraction has become pretty popular in Warrington. You will need a team of friends or loved ones to explore Club HQ. A group of tourists is tasked with cracking the code and finding an escape. The attraction not only allows you to have fun but test cooperation skills among friends or between you and your partner.

Walton Hall and Gardens

The beautiful view of the gardens makes it the most sought-after location for weddings. Constructed using classic British architecture, the Walton Hall and Gardens undoubtedly makes you photogenic. It was built in 1836 for Sir Gilbert Greenhall and remains the most impressive stately home in the UK. There is a vast space where you can have a picnic while kids play around. Walton Hall and Gardens is even lovelier during spring when the tulips bud.

Halliwell Jones Stadium

If you are a rugby fan, your trip isn't complete without visiting Warrington's Halliwell Jones Stadium. It was constructed in 2003 and hosts most rugby matches. The atmosphere gets electric when Wolves, the Rugby League team, is playing.

Withremovable rear seats this is a versatile Minibus. It benefits from a multimedia system, and passengers love the USB port on each seat. With an engine powerful enough for motorway cruising this is a great Minibus for intercity motorway travel.

Vehicles Used by Warrington Minibus Hire

Ford  Transit 12 and 16 Seater Minibus hire Standard: A minibus version of the Ford Transit, so no worries about reliability and safety. The 12 seater is great for local trips whilst the 16 seater is large enough for a sports team to travel to an away match in.

Mercedes 8 and 16 Seater Executive Minibus Hire: If you are looking for a minibus that offers a high degree of comfort and a range of onboard entertainment options this is the bus for you. Built with the needs of the busy executive in mind and a great choice for special occasions.

Renault 16 Seater Minibus hire  Standard: With French design, this minibus oozes panache. A skylight helps to create a feeling of space in this already generously apportioned vehicle which will serve you well on any day out.

Volkswagen Crafter 16 Seater Standard: With Volkswagen you know you are dealing with one of the world's premier motor manufacturers. With climate control, a Euro 6 engine, and ease of access. This is a suitable vehicle for children and active elderly alike.

33 to 49 seater Coach Hire comes in Iveco and Mercedes: These vehicles are used for larger groups 33 to 49 passengers, the short or long distance we can cover the job for you.

With all the great quality vehicles at such a great price at Warrington minibus hire Make the right choice for your travel today by giving us a call on the number above for more information on prices and quotes.

Why Choose Warrington Minibus?

Travelling using Warrington minibus hire has become rampant. There are many benefits to choosing minibuses as your means of transport. Here are several reasons why you should choose to hire our minibuses for travelling purposes. 

  • Reduces stress

Scheduling group trips and having to drive to various new places can be very stressful. The traffic jams, road constructions, accidents, and honking horns can be very tiresome and stressful. Nobody likes the stress of driving, mostly to new places. We have professional drivers that can handle all these issues for you. All you have to do is relax and put your mind at ease as you travel using our Warrington Minibus. 

  • Safety

Travelling by minibuses is one of the safest means of travel since there are fewer accidents and injuries. We ensure that our drivers are up to date with the latest safety procedures put in place. The safety of our customers is highly valued. 

  • Saves you money

We offer a great saving on minibus and coach hire in Warrington during peak times we suggest you book early you can save up to 50 %  in advance.